Tree Removal

Here are some pictures of trees that we removed, ground the stumps, removed the grindings and filled the holes with top soil.  These pictures outline all of the steps from tree removal to top soil.

1228 E North Broadway 43224

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Stump Grinding

Here are some pictures of stumps that we ground and left the grindings.  The stumps range in size from a bush stump to a tree stump that was about 2 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

1302 Gumwood Dr 43229

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1089 Fordham Rd 43224 

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1228 E North_Broadway 43224 

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Here are some pictures of properties that had become overgrown.  These customers decided to make major changes to improve the look of their property.

6440 Kildale Sq W 43229

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4912 Brittany Ct W 43229 

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2712 Landsburn Dr 43231  

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Here are some pictures of trees we pruned to provide clearance and elevation.

8668 Olenbrook Dr 43035

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1786 Linkton Dr 43065  

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1001 S Cassingham Rd 43209  

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Here are some pictures of trees we pruned to provide clearance.

1081 Fordham Rd 43224  

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1674 Sandalwood Blvd 43229  

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Here are some pictures of trees that needed pruned for several reasons but most of the issues were a result of poor structure.  A tree’s poor structure can sometimes be corrected by removing a couple of branches or it could involve multiple prunings over several years.  The earlier in a tree’s life these issues are addressed the easier it is to correct them.  The trees below will probably require 2 initial prunings because we can only prune so much each season without risking the health of the trees.  The pictures show the exterior of the trees after the first pruning.  What you can’t see in the pictures are the structural changes to the interior of the trees, which is what’s most important.

1373 S James Rd 43227  

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3760 Hidden Cove Circle 43035  [foogallery id=”1057″]